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Synergistic symbiosis drives the future

Source: Shenzhen Core Electronics Co., Ltd. Popularity:504 Time:2018-08-09 11:47:39
The wheel of time has bid farewell to the year of 2017, which is advancing and forging ahead. We are welcoming the 2018 that is ready to go and full of challenges. On the 28th of January, 2018, the annual meeting of the company was held in Shenzhen Bay Springs Sports Center.

The theme of this annual meeting is: work together to drive the future!

On the same day, all the colleagues of Chuangxin core summed up the achievements and shortcomings of 2017. Looking forward to 2018, we are not only expecting, we are already in action, we are working hard to strengthen our strategic strength and build dreams. We will establish a Chengdu office in the second quarter and will apply for a national high-tech enterprise. In the third quarter, the company will introduce partners and more resources to develop strategic layouts for the next five years and promote the realization of dream actions. Liu Gen, the chairman of our company, also led the whole team to extend the most cordial greetings and best wishes to the Chinese people around the world! Wish you a happy new year, good luck, happy family!

[Chairman: Liu Gen]

[All colleagues of the company]

Looking back at the past six years of growth, Chuangxin is grateful to everyone for its gratitude! Thanks to the strong support of customers, grateful for the sincere trust of our partners, and thanks to all the colleagues in the company for their help and concern.

Chairman of Mocha Information Co., Ltd. visited our company for guidance
Marketing Director of Hefei Hangjia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. visited the company