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Hefei Sunshine Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. and our company related to new energy power integration system technology exchange meeting

Source: Shenzhen Core Electronics Co., Ltd. Popularity:503 Time:2018-08-09 14:53:59

Recently, our company (Chuang Rui) has successively achieved success in the field of new energy in automobiles. Following the successful signing of a strategic cooperation memorandum with Anhui Hongxin Energy Power Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu went to Hefei Sunshine Power Group yesterday to meet with senior vice presidents of Zhao Group, Gu Zong and Ning Zong for technical exchanges and negotiations. Business Cooperation.

The senior team of the Sunshine Electric Power Group, represented by Mr. Zhao, expressed his warm welcome to the founder of the company, and actively arranged for engineers and our research and development personnel to conduct technical discussions and exchanges on the new energy power integration system. The business model of future program docking and component supply has also been thoroughly discussed. Chuang Rui core is constantly building achievements in the field of new energy in automobiles, and it is destined to build one monument after another in the near future.

Attachment: Hefei Solar Power Group - New Energy Vehicle Drive System (Introduction)

With strong clean power conversion technology accumulation and research and development advantages, Sunshine Power expands inverter applications to the electric vehicle industry, providing high-quality motor control systems for electric vehicles.

Sunshine Electric's new energy vehicle drive system is suitable for pure electric large, medium and small commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, logistics special vehicles, etc. The products adopt modular design, perfect functions, low energy consumption, long driving range and reliability. High, the highest efficiency is 98.5%. Since the launch, all kinds of new energy vehicles using Sunshine Power Motor Controller have been running smoothly in Beijing, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hefei, Nanchang, Dalian, Hangzhou and other places. The application vehicles are stable, efficient and powerful, and are well received by customers.

Since entering the electric vehicle industry, he has won the "China Industrial Design Red Star Award", "2015 Electric Vehicle Technology Excellence Award", the world's top industrial design award "Red Dot Best Design Award" and other honors, and in the previous new energy vehicle TOP50 awards In the middle, it won the “Innovative Parts Award”, “Advanced Energy Core Components Advanced Enterprise”, “Best Innovative New Energy Bus Power Drive Enterprise” and so on.

The company successfully signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Anhui Hongxin Energy Power Co., Ltd.!