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High-precision car Beidou chip released

Source: Shenzhen Core Electronics Co., Ltd. Popularity:696 Time:2018-08-09 11:42:03
The network communication joint lab released the Beidou chip for high-precision vehicles in Beijing on February 28, achieving the meter-level positioning accuracy and fast positioning in 3 seconds, which means that China's cars will fully enter the era of meter-level navigation.

The Networked Communications Joint Lab released these chips at the "Meter-level Rapid Positioning Beidou Chip Joint Conference" hosted by the China Automotive Networking Product Certification Alliance. China Automotive Networking Product Certification Alliance said that it will promote the popularization and application of Beidou-class fast-positioning terminals during the year, leading China's auto industry to move toward the era of precision service.

Meter-level rapid positioning Beidou chip batch release

The joint network communication network laboratory promoted by China Automotive Networking Product Certification Alliance, from Zhuhai Quanzhi Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Zhongke Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Ruixin Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Spreadtrum Communications Co., Ltd., MediaTek Key chip companies such as Co., Ltd. and Qianzhi Location Network Co., Ltd. cooperated.

The products released by the Network Communications Joint Lab include: Quan Zhi Technology's "T2, T3, T7 processor + meter-level fast positioning Beidou chip" chipset, Zhongkewei's "55 nanometer fast positioning + ground-enhanced Beidou compatible "Chip", Ruixinwei's "PX2, PX3, PX5 processor + meter-level fast positioning Beidou chip" set, Spreadtrum's "4G+ meter-level fast positioning Beidou chip", MediaTek's "40nm fast positioning + ground enhancement Beidou compatible car gauge chip, etc., all of which can achieve meter-level positioning accuracy and can achieve fast positioning in 3 seconds.

According to reports, in the coming months, networked intelligent terminal products such as recorders, rearview mirrors, navigators, and vehicle gateways that use meter-level rapid positioning chips and sets of chips will be available one after another, and access the Internet, location network and video network according to standards. .

Strong combination to accelerate the popularization of Beidou

Li Xueli, the product publisher of the network communication and joint lab, and the general manager of the All-Car Networking Division, said that the launch of the meter-level rapid positioning Beidou chip products can meet the navigational, recorder, monitor, gateway and other vehicle-connected intelligent terminals. need. The reason for the formation of the joint laboratory to promote this work is to combine tens of millions of autonomous vehicle processor chips with Beidou chips in the form of sets of chips to accelerate the popularity of Beidou.

"For example, the artificial intelligence module equipped with the All-Chi chip combined with the meter-level communication center's meter-level fast positioning Beidou chip can not only solve the precise navigation under complicated road conditions, but also provide accurate data for traffic law enforcement and map mapping. Travel is more convenient and more standardized." Li Xueli said.

Industry experts believe that at present, China's Beidou, communications and processor chip technology has reached or approached the international advanced level, but there are problems of low technology integration and poor industrial synergy. The China Automotive Networking Product Certification Alliance promotes the integration of technologies from key chip companies in the form of a joint lab, digging deep into the industry and user needs, and forming product and service advantages. It is an effective choice for Beidou applications.

Beidou's industrialization is promising

Chen Jinpei, CEO of Chihiro Location, believes that high-precision positioning can not only make the navigation of the vehicle positioning terminal smoother, but also the service function will be upgraded. Location-based information sharing, social networking, marketing and other functions will be gradually explored, and vehicle services will be more personalized.

“The navigation reminds me that there is a Starbucks at 250 meters ahead. I said to the navigation that I want a latte. When my car drives past, the waiter has been holding the coffee and waiting on the side of the road. Now some people need to do extra actions. The integration of functions is what the future navigation should look like." Chen Jinpei said.

As far as Beidou applications are concerned, the automobile is one of the largest industrial users of the Beidou system, and its significance for the Beidou application landing is significant.

Sun Jiadong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who attended the conference, said that the global competition of satellite navigation systems will ultimately depend on who has more extensive, deeper and more successful ground applications. In the form of alliance certification, on the basis of ensuring information security and product quality, we will realize the popularization and application of Beidou in the large-scale automobile field as soon as possible, connect the automobile to the Beidou location network, access the mobile Internet, and improve the vehicle networking service and Road traffic management capabilities, benefit the country and the people, have a lot to do.

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